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Design and Manufacture of Optical Dome Cover


Fran specializes in manufacturing dome covers specially for CCTV dome cameras by injection molding technology, and keeping to be the leader in this industry. Our professional engineers who good at optical and outlook design can customize any size dome cover as your request. These dome cover are widely applied to fixed, constant speed and high speed dome cameras, especially the high speed dome cover is available for 36X or other HD dome cameras especially for megapixels dome cameras. Furthermore, we also customize the dome cover for the special requirements like UAV, anti-explosive dome cameras, submarine and high speed train. We not only customize the dome cover as request, but also have the property right of many standard dome covers, which will save the tooling cost and tooling time and speed up the schedule of developing a new project.

Design for Dome Housing


Our engineers have worked in CCTV industry for more than 10 years, we are very familiar with the development of dome cameras in last two decades, and we keep steps with its development trend, we know well the request of our customers, our design will save you much time and cost, no matter metal or plastic dome housing, we can offer OEM or ODM service.

Design and Manufacture of Precise Mold


Our engineers for mold design and the technicians are experienced in mold processing for many years. We can make the super-precision molds for spherical surface, cylinder surface, non-spherical surface, Fresnel lenses and other optical parts by CNC, Electric Sparking Machine, Super-precision Grinding Machine, Boring Machine, Wire Cutting Machine and Muller. We can design and analyse the mold by the software according to the request of optical system, to make the mold obtain the nanometer level surface roughness and sub-micrometer shape precision.

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