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(2014-11-20)Humanities of Fran, Joys with Production

Humanities of Fran, Joys with Production

                                  FRAN 2014 Mid-Year Event and 10th Anniversary

On Jul.12th, 2014, Fran 2014 mid-year event and 10th anniversary was successfully held on the luxury boats, “Min Jiang Zhi Yun No.1”. The theme of this event was “Humanities of Fran, Joys with Production”, which was intended to sum up the past achievements, awarded employee’s dedication, arranged the future and highlighted humanity contributions. The main participants were office staff and chief of section from Production Department. Four steps included on the agenda, signatures and photographs taken, summing-up and commendation meeting, buffet dinner and celebration party.

Around 17:30 that afternoon, our staffs went on board with ease and fulfillment mood. They stepped on the red carpet, signed their name on the signature wall and took the photos to mark this significant moment.


At 18:00, summing-up and commendation meeting started on schedule. General Manager, Pan Minzhong made a summary of Fran’s development history for decades and the works in the first half of 2014. He expressed his appreciations to the older employees with Fran’s growing up and also to the new employees who just joined Fran. As we looked back Fran’s ten-year journey, watched these lovely staff in our team, no matter tears or laughs, the strength it caused was beyond the time in this moment. All touches would stay in Fran man’s hearts. In the meeting, we rewarded the contributed employees’ to the innovation and programs, such as “Improvement Proposals Prize”, “Program Prize”, etc, which truly fulfilled the enterprise tenet “Equality, Trust, Admiration, Kinship”. After rewarded, General Manger, Mr. Pan shared the big cake of ten years anniversary. 


By 19:00, our buffet on the water started, there were salmons, crabs etc. 20 kinds of fresh food, and everyone raved about the food. During dinner, the entertainer played saxophone and violin. With the delicious specialties and the beauty, everyone felt delightful. 

By 20:00, our party started on 2nd-floor deck, opening of a fashion pole dancing show, the party was crowned by the dancing. It’s worth mentioned of the interaction show time. Under the lead of the host Zhang Quan, Chen Qingqing, Fan Xiaofen, Sunwu, Zhangshun joined the imitation group, surely the biggest lure is 200yuan awards when climbing the pole. We appreciated Mr. Pan so much for his humanity idea enabled staffs to join the activities openly, and Mr. Pan himself also joined it actively.

There were ripples in the river and the lights flashing. Rafting in the river with the clear breeze blew gently. The night scene is quite beautiful. Amy, from Marketing Dept., invited us to dance CHA-CHA and Michael Style, it seem that the delightful rhythm made all returned to their schooldays. Doctoral student Li Peilin, from Tsinghua University, sang a song of ‘Small Apple’ that motivated our long-lost passion. Finally, the most exciting moment is the link of lucky drawing. All staffs’ names were on the when the compass Lucky Wheel, the direction the compass pointed to was the good luck arriving.


By 22:00, with a flute, the ship steadily pulled in to the shore, our sip traveled in Minjiang River came to a successful ending. The host made a final conclusion and Mr. Pan said, “Appreciate all you joining, appreciate all staffs in Fran, let’s step together to create the working environment of   ‘Love Ideas, Love Sharing, Love Life’ and have a glorious future for Fran.”


                                                           Night, Jul. 12th, 2014


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