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(2015-02-04)Decades Dreams, Centuries Journey

“Decades Dreams, Centuries Journey”

- Fran 2014 Year-end Party and 10th Anniversary

On Feb. 2nd,

2015, Fran 2014 Year-end Party and 10th Anniversary were successfully held. In 2014, Fran staff retained a united spirit to an advanced and innovative team, which got great achievement. All staff attended to summarize our progress and achievement, award employees’ outstanding contribution and look forward to more brilliant 2015.

At 11:00, under leader Mr. Pan’s auspices, 2014 Year-end closing meeting was held. We reviewed the achievement we got, awarded outstanding employees and made reflection and summary. In 2014, Fran got a stable progress. We introduced kinds of advanced equipments and talented people. Both staff salaries and annual value had an increase. Moreover, Fran hoped keep its advantage of advanced technology. We kept innovation and never dared to be slackness. In the meeting, we presented awards to the project participants, improved proposals owner and other outstanding personnel. In the other hand, as Mr. Pan called “little fat”, we need do much effort to be a “slim” enterprise. Under the achievement, we were self-proud but not arrogance. We knew more self-examination, more clear-head and more progress. For future, Fran had higher corporate planning. For employees, Fran had more expects. We believe would have a better tomorrow.

At 18:00, year-end party started on time. Mr. Pan made opening words and shared latest promotion video. Alongside the substantial meals, brilliant shows started. Under the annual pop song “Little Apple”, Mr. Pan with other colleagues in funny cartoons clothes, danced with humorous steps, brought many joys to the audience. Then six beautiful Can-Can dancers coming brought a new level. Passionate dancing, enthusiastic tones, difficult movements, luxurious apparel and supreme exotic style gave us a wonderful opening.


  The competition of departments’ shows

 was very fierce. Technology department was leading the shows. Familiar opening music of CCTV news made knowing smiles. Newly organized shows, “Fran Annual News”, brought joys to everyone. Many united departments’ show by management departments, financial departments and purchasing departments, “Super Appointment”, showed various applicants, or ridiculous, or haughty eyes. Marketing departments’ jazz dancing “Trouble Maker”, neatly and charming movements showed their amorous feelings of the whole body. Production also brought one dancing show, “Crazy Chicken”, just like their name of shows, quite crazy. Leaders of the production department, Mr. Huang, wearing one white wedding dress, like in the story of shows, got reborn.  Cute and charming performances brought the climax of the whole night. The most innovative program was the illuminate dancing from QC department. Heavy metals music, professional dancing movements and fantastic merits of lighting and dancing made in the spotlight of the darkness.


Other departments also made brilliant performances. In the final appraisal of best shows, production department won the first prize As slight score difference, QC department and marketing department won the second and third prize.

This year audiences attended games  

 passionately. In the games, “Eating Watermelon”, boys and girls co-operatively eat the watermelon with girls’ eyes blindfolded. Why so many girls fed one boy competitively, and why that boy didn’t wait his own girl? Not a show but more than a show, made all audience laughs.


After all shows end, Mr. Pan realized the dreams of monthly stars to reward the great efforts of these outstanding staffs. And this year was also the 10th anniversary, in order to appreciate the contributions of eight distinguished staff, Fran awarded eight gold coins. The most excited moments were prize draws. Many persons won the different prizes. And the star prize of this evening was finally won by one colleague from marketing department luckily. To show the appreciation for the efforts of the whole year, company also prepared many
gifts for everyone.


Nights were coming. Hosts made the final statement. 2014 year-end party successfully finished. Year 2014 had waved goodbye to us, which made Fran progress. We were looking forward to a more excellent year 2015.


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