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(2016-02-02)“Love Work, Enjoy Life, Everything Begins from the Bottom of Your Heart”
“Love Work, Enjoy Life, Everything Begins from the Bottom of Your Heart”

- Fran 2015 Year-end Staff Summary Meeting and Party

When CNY holidays were forthcoming, Fran 2015 year-end staff summary meeting was successfully held. This meeting was meant to look back on the past year and arrange the work plans in the next year. In the meantime, Fran gave commendation to the advanced team and personel. 

At 13:00, under the guidance of President Mr. Pan, staff summary meeting was started. Mr. Pan summarized objectively to the company development in the past year. He also shared the development train of thoughts. In the face of severe domestic and international economic situation in 2015, Fran still achieved economic growth under tremendous pressures. In the meeting, company gave commendation to the advanced teams and personel. As Mr. Pan said, success we gained in 2015 can not be made without the efforts of all employees. We appreciated the efforts and contribution of these advanced colleagues for the development of the company, who are examples to all of us. 

At 18:00, guests took their places at tables. Mr. Pan gave a short speech and shared the Fran micro film which showed the work and living state typically for Fran common colleagues. Just like the theme of the party “Love Work, Enjoy Life, Everything Begins from the Bottom of Your Heart”, Franese took each day and relished each moment. 

The party show started in the program“Dancing for Youth”and brought many joys to the audience. There was fierce competition during departments. Songs, dancing, martial arts and comic performance, all programs reached a high level of performances. Production departments brought martial arts. The performances were energetic and powerful, quite amazing. Marketing department and Project Department from R&D center was heading a huge climax. Men in lady’s costume, who were really enchanting with a screamingly funny farce. Performances in Fran had always had innovative ideas. The performances R&D center and QC department brought were very creative and followed the fashion tightly. 

Other departments also brought brilliant performances. After final appraisal, production department defended their title successfully. Marketing dept. and Management dept. won the second and third prize. Mechanical dance from Fran Running team brought another exciting moment and which gave a perfect ending for this party. 

In order to increase the entertaiment and joy, in the party, there were many games. The charming lady and her slave girl from marketing and program department just finished their performances who immediately attended the games. And they fortunately won the games of eating fruits. Of course, they would be provided rich prize from the company. 

The most excited moments were prize draws. Winning rate fo big prizes were more than 60%. Both two star prize of this evening was finally won by one colleague from production department luckily. Company also prepared goods for use during the CNY for everyone.

The party was held for nearly four hours, which showed Franese’s vigorous and creative mental attitudes. We loved work, enjoyed life and followed our hearts. 


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