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(2013-04-10)The Star of March, 2013-Song Guichen

 Attitude is Everything

 -Interview of Song Guichen, the Star of March, 2013


Song Guichen

Born in October 1955 in Boli county in Heilongjiang                         

Joined SMT On March 13, 2012

Served as a guard of the Administration & HR


Interview RecordOpening the company’s door, welcoming every staff' arrival, checking in the in-out company’ employees, guarding the vehicle, and patrolling in the night, which are all detailed work,are the whole work of the Security personnel of the HR department everyday-Song Guichen.

When asked his feeling of this experience of being awarded as the Star of Month, he said,“it is quite an encouragement for we support crew’s future hard work to be considered as the part of the assessment scope of the Star of shows us the support and care from our company.”

“The attention to the innovation, the product quality, research and development,and the technology input from the senior leaders results in me believe the flourishing development of the SMT’s future. For many years before I have been the labor union’s director, the person took in charge of the production management, and experienced the reform from the state ownership to the joint stock system in the State-owned enterprise, which made me know well about the areas of the production management and the control in the safety supervision of 6S. Although I retired from my earlier position and come to here to be an guard of SMT, I firmly believe that the secret of success is one’s attitude. Even as a negligible guard of SMT,I should do my best to guard the security of SMT’s assets.” 

“In the whole year, my salary has raised many times,what’s more, all the qualification of the performance appraisal,the Holiday Allowance and the year-end benefits make me quite be satisfied with my current situation in SMT. Even though I have to be on the night shift for many days due to the lack of the security personnel after the spring festival, I quite understand our company in this kind of emergency circumstances, and I also believe helping our company settle this kind of problem is my original work. Now, SMT arranges the three shifts staff,and what I should do is opening the garage door in advance for the staff.As all the staff arrived, I would go to the factory for a patrol. Generally, I just count the quantity of the electrombiles through the control monitor,on which I could judge the number of the staff. As for a guard,it is essential to guard SMT’s property safety, to prevent from the fire hazard and burglary, and to record the people in-and-out.”

“Do you feel more tired for the implementation of the three shifts in SMT?”

“How to say, I think it is OK for me for my body clock has been accustomed to this kind of work.For example, I will wake as soon as time comes. However, I am getting older, and there is only NO.167 bus could get to Bai Huting from Ju Yuanzhou, where my daughter lives. The long distance and the rare bus route force me to have a good rest as soon as I get home,otherwise I would lack of spirit on the next day when work.”

“My only daughter who married to Fuqing invites my wife and I come here to look after our grandson. As I have nothing more to do,I come to work in SMT. When I am young, I had been to the whole country. As I am too old to climb the mountain, I did not take part in the tour of Wuyi Mountain. I think I am an introvert and amiable person, and everyone respect me. When I look back to my whole life, I think I possess a comparative comfortable life. Is not it a necessity for people to have a kind of attitude? So, Everything is mutual in my eyes.”

AfterwordSong Guichen-SMT’s dutiful guard who is prudent and careful, makes remarkable contribution to the defense of SMT’s assets and the safety of staff on the basis of his outstanding ability. What ‘s more, he also puts forward many useful suggests and comments to SMT’s management standard and safety production according to his abundant experience in management. Song Guichen, the qualified guard of SMT, is always obedient to his values of attitude is everything.           

                                                                                                                                                                Administration & HR

                                                                                                                                                                  On April 10, 2013

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