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(2013-05-25)The Star of April, 2013-Zheng Pinwen

Vigor of Study

-Interview of Zheng Pinwen, the Star of April, 2013


Zheng Pinwen

Born in July 1985, From Taijiang, Fuzhou

Joined Fullan In April 1, 2011

Worked in QC Department , as a image QC


Interview RecordToday, I interviewed Pin-Wen Cheng again. This is the second reward as the star of the month during his two years in Fullan. Compared to the first time, his face tells more about clam.

Talking about the recent work, he smiled and said "Last month I was busy with installing MTF image quality testing software which a customer requests. Because MTF is a new type image quality testing software, there is no corresponding model can learn from. Also, there is no Chinese instructions, so what we could only do is fumble and try. To meet customers’ requirement, I worked extra hours everyday to explore the mode of operation. Finally the MTF image quality test is completed, and being submitted to customer to verify."

“During your two years in Fullan, you have work in three positions: Feedstock, Processand Image Test. what ‘s the different focus of the work?”

”The difficult point differs in different field, Process Test deals with people and Test, Image Test deals with machine and test way. I think what I am doing is not hard to start with, but if you want to do it well, more experience will be needed. Now one more Hard Coating Line is on work, which can improve the surface hardness and scratch resistance, thus extending the life cycle and longevity of Dome Cover, and increase the light transmittance. So more new hands will be needed in QC hard coating line, two shifts work time will be not easy. But to promote the quality is the focus of our work, different standards for different customers, so does different products. Only we controlled the quality, and analysis the problems properly, then we could improve work efficiency.

I think now the workload in our department should be WU who in charge with injection molding QC. Different materials at different temperatures will affect the entire injection molding articles. I hope I would have the opportunity to do these things. But somehow in addition to do the quality control work well, to fulfill the form is quite important as well. And customers have their criterion, so do our inner department. Only we combine both, we could enhance the quality of products."

"I heard that you have a girlfriend this year, has your focus of life transferred?”

”Yeah, it does effect something, and I am much more happier than before. My girlfriend is a gentle and nice person, there’s not even a quarrel in our 3-4 month relationship. It’s ok that we have different interests, the personality is much more important! And communication is the most important thing! Her mother is a cook, I frequently go to her home for delicious food, and we plan to get married next year."

"There is a family plan! do you have some pressure?”

“Not yet, while consider of the soaring prices, I hope I could earn more money. My house is near Baolong, in case of demolition, more money gonna be needed…Of cause, I believe that our salary will rise as the company become better. I guess the future need in the security market will mostly in the plane dome cover. Now customers need dome covers to be pratical and good-looking, so I think our team should focus on the customers’ need to promote the image quality, and more research and design should be done by the Technical Department."

AfterwordZheng Pinwen deserve into the exploration that he promoted the standard of the image quality test. We wish that he will have more improvement in the new year.                             

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