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(2013-06-18)The Star of May, 2013-Wu Gaolian

Living with Hope

-Interview of Wu Gaolian, the Star of May, 2013


Wu Gaolian

Born in September 1983 in Wuyishan                           

Joined SMT on November 29, 2010

Served as aprocess quality control of Quality Control Department


Interview RecordThis is his third successful gain of the honor of the Star of Month. As the person who is the only man getting three times of the Star of Month at present, he told us that he was also excited with it ,however, we could felt that there are more calm on him now.

When talking about this half year’s work, he told us that, there was a new project which was related with the improvement of image quality at hand .It is a long process for him to deal with it. In order to improve our product image quality, he has to rush between the Testing Room and the injection molding workshop for the repeating Shooting Technique’s debugging. In his eyes, this honor of Star of Month is the result of his hard work which has lasted for several days and helped our company’s products satisfy our customers’ requirement.

“Do you feel the pressure from your work?”

“Of course . Because of recruiting two new colleagues , my work has become Much relaxed than before .However ,there are still a lot of things for the new employees to learn. The most important thing in our industry, is one’s attitude towards painstaking and learn instead of one’s experience. Frankly speaking, it is quite difficult for me to take charge of this project, the pressure coming from this project makes me feel hard .In my opinion, the independence of this area and the building of the specialized project team, in which all team member could discuss and carry out research together, could greatly improve the efficiency."

“You mean the importance of team sprit?”

“Yes! In my eyes, the team sprit on the basis of the clear division of labor is critical in  people’s daily work. A team brings people the shared responsibilities, which could produce pressure and power, all of these could encourage people work together to reach their target.”

“I heard that your family has moved into new house?”

Answering with smile on his face, he said, “Yeah, It is my turn to escape from the tenement. In 2010, I buy a single apartment which is 8000 RMB one square in Qian Long. Although there only two rooms have decoration, we have our own house. Next year, my little three years old son should entered kindergarten, which will cost eight hundred every month, and the two thousand mortgage lending make me suffer from great economic pressures. However, it is fortunate for me for our company’s wonderful welfare policy.

Next stage, I will focus on improving my education. I have several brothers and sisters. This fact forced me stop my course through technical secondary school. Even my score had reached the standard of the key senior high school, my parents asked me to leave school to make money for my family. Although what I had learned in technical secondary school is architecture economics, I chose to work in the factory instead of doing the work related with my major ,people’s choice is quite important for one’s future development .Because I am quite unsatisfied with my educational level, I am making great efforts to arrange my study time to improve my quality.

AfterwordWu Gaolian-a man with simple mind is continuing his own life with confirmed hope for his life .Best wish for his future!

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