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(2013-07-15)The Star of June, 2013-Wen Biaolin

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-Interview of Wen Biaolin, The Star of the June, 2013


Wen Biaolin

Born in April 1979, come from Wuyi Mountain in Nanping

Joined Fran on April 1st, 2013

Worked in Human Resources Department, as an Electrician


Interview RecordThis is the first time I find an employee is so happy to be awarded as the Star of the Month, that he upload the picture of the award notice to the Q-zone. He is our electrician, Wen biaolin, an honest man. During the interview, he said happily that,” I am so surprised to be awarded as the star of the Month. In my last company, it requires at least one year to be qualified as an “outstanding employee”, while in our company, the reward surprised me!”

Talking about the working status here, he said "The workload in Fran is not big. Electrician work needs to do well in three parts. First, projects; second, maintenance; third, Installation. I am recently quite busy because of the projects. The maintenance workload isn’t that much, nor difficult. I remember when I just joined the Line, my master told me, security and loss prevention are the focuses of our job. Loss prevention of technology equipment, mainly depends on the device operatives and electrical manipulation. I plan to complete some records forms. In fact, equipment maintenance have three grades: first grade is the routine maintenance (6S), second grade for quarter inspection, and the third grade for maintenance for half year inspection, and annual inspection. We are needed from the second grade. Our Electrician job need to saunter around, while we should know how to find problem with eyes, ears, and nose. Generally we could know which machine is ill from hearing its sound. Now my next job would focus on three parts: first, transform the low pressure side of the project; second, system annual inspection; third, the distribution of the fire equipment and installation of emergency lights."

"Have you been working in this line since you graduated? "

"My major is equipment maintenance, and it’s the last session for this major. We are still assigned after graduate, unfortunately the industry downturn comes, so my company downsized(only social insurance paid, no salary), but luckily we still have masters to learn things from. We learn knowledge from school, while it could not be used directly in job, we need to learn realistic practical skills. People are forced out, I then become a newspaper couriers in Fuzhou Daily with my friends’ introduction, in one year I become a sales manager. Although "Fuzhou Daily" is official newspaper, but my job need to expand our business, I feel the pressure is getting bigger, i am not good at it. I feel like I am more an introverted person, not suitable for sales. so I quit after three years."

"Do you have any plan recently?"

"To enhance my qualification. I recently study in Night School, Computer major. Every morning of Monday, Saturday and Sunday I have curriculums, I like to learn more things. Electrician is a semi-mental semi-physical work, my wife have been worried me could not climb up and down any more after 10 or 20 years, so I hope I could master the skills of computer maintenance of internet hardware management. Electrician in the Line have several grades, such as general plumbers - plumbing equipment maintenance, then comes the full mental engineers who repair sophisticated equipment, such as those core component of the CNC lathe, to fix it need professional knowledge.”

"How do you evaluate your own personality?"

"I'm an easy-going man, useful suggestions I would always love to take. Our job is quite special, we serve people, so communication is important. I and my wife are introduced to each other, but we rarely quarrel. Normally I am quite tolerant to her, and we share housework. I take charge of those heavy works, my farther do the cook, and my wife clean the floor. After my work off, I go straight home to company with my wife, and cook the meal. I am quite a home guy, I have a few hobbits such as reading extra books since I was a boy, I would like to know more about things I have interests. My father had a hobbit  of gardening since he was retired, and I have great interest to help and learn from him."

"Which aspects you consider more when you stay in a company?"

"Salary, company prospects, personal job promotion. In my opinion, communication is the most important thing, we serve the manufacture department, there is a certain degree of authority and technicality. When special circumstances occur, we should handle those situation in priority. I feel like character does not tell about attitude, some people usually wear in casual ways, they look easy-going, but when it come to work, they become really serious, such as our CEO Pan. I adhere to the principle that people live the moment, do everything in full blast.”

Afterword Wen Biaolin - a young man has his beautiful dream, who own the respects from every department in Fran with his excellent skills and easy-going personality. We hope he could go steady on the direction he pursue.


Human Resource Department


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