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(2013-08-30)The Star of July, 2013-Chen Yulong

Making a Little Progress Every Day

-Interview of Chen Yulong, the Star of July, 2013


Chen Yulong

Born in April 1984 in Huian of Quanzhou  

Joined SMT on January 7, 2012       

Served as the webmaster of management department


Interview RecordAs the man who have come SMT for a year and half, the webmaster of management department Chen Yulong has successfully made great contributions to the use of the ERP system and the Introduction of the PLM system in SMT, which is appreciated by all colleagues of SMT.

When talking about the work he does, he said, "updating our ERP system could greatly benefit SMT’s long term interests on the parts of data of financial affairs and bring big support for the control of cost, production, and period. However, everybody knows that it is difficult for all new projects at the beginning, and it is common that appears different ideas when communicate with others department managers. In my opinion, we should stick to the principle during the discussions. I firmly believes that more discussions and patience could gradually complete and perfect the new project."

"What is the most distinct feature of you work in your opinion?"

"Keep pace with the times. Apart from the trainings arranged by our company, I also do my best to take part in all kinds of trainings. Although the cheapest cost among the training courses l take is at least seven thousand to eight thousand, I think I have to invest into them, because I know, l will detach with the latest technology in my industry as I stop learn. Everyday, I rush to other places to join the trainings as I leave my office. My families could not see my until at the ten clock at night. l read the books in my spare time to get more knowledge for my improvement. No matter what I learn, including the technology, management and thought, I believe all these things would build me to grow into a greater man. You know, I always set our boss as my example, I dream to become an administrator like our general manager who is always in pursuit of the new equipment, the latest technology and the most talented people, and standardizes the Management of SMT. We should set his thought as good example. Frankly speaking, I believe that, the higher we stand clearer we can see."

"Do you still rent in the place before?"

"Yes, I still live there, my apartment for the single costs 1500 for the rent every month. I could not afford to buy our own house at present, however, I have to try my best to offer a better quality of our life for my wife and my child, especial after the birth of our daughter. If I do not go to join the training courses after work, I will help my wife to take after our daughter. A healthy body is the premise of everything people want to do. I have being insisting on taking exercise for many months, I tend to the morning Jogging, it is quite a good way for body building. I love my family so much. She makes me become more and more responsible. I think I am the synthesis of introversion and active. I stick to the principle of modesty, so I would decrease the chance of quarrel with others as possible as I can wherever I am in company or at home. "

"Could you tell me, what is the most fascinating place of SMT in your eyes?"

"I think it is SMT’s vitality and development that makes a profound impression to me. At present, SMT is in a development stage, which needs all our colleagues to centralize all solidarity and determination for SMT’ development. I do not like comparing my life with other people. One day’s unoccupy is OK for me, but a lasting 6 days’ vacation would make me crazy, I cannot accept that.

All in all, when I compare with myself, my little improvement could make me satisfied."

AfterwordJust like everyone said, he has been in SMT for a year and half, has successfully made great contributions to the use of the ERP system and the Introduction of the PLM system in SMT. He still sticks to his responsibilities of his position to settle the emergencies in time during his paternity leave through remote control for SMT, and back to our company work in advance. Especial after the new project of ERP, in which he takes in charge of the system optimization of ERP and PLM , the switch of servers, the maintain of  client-side and so on. His excellent attitude to work and outstanding technical ability show his spirit of modesty and service to others.

This is SMT’s webmaster, a staff who has his own idea, his own target and always is doing his best to make his dream come true with his own principle. We wish he could get a brighter future through his own hard working!

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On August 30, 2013

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