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(2013-11-13)The Star of October, 2013-Ma Shuang

Trial, Study, Breakthrough

-Interview of Ma Shuang, the Star of Oct., 2013


Ma Shuang

Born in Mar.1989 in Zhangye of Gansu

Joined SMT on Sept.10, 2013

Served as process engineer in Technical Department


Interview Record】With wearing glasses his face shows you his simple and honest. Our first feeling to him is honest. That is MaShuang,the process engineer.It is a surprise to be the monthly lucky star, he said.

“What is your main job recently?”

“I am mainly in charge of establishing the database on new ERP. It is a bit complex and will take some more times to finish!We must be full of patience! Fran is the 1st company after my graduation from college. I study and grow upfrom here! I will communicate more and practice more! I hope to be a professor after my hard working!”

“Now you have working for more than 1 year, what do you think is the best difference from college?”

“The knowledge from school is theory only. It is the basically information we need to get this job even it is a bit divorced from practice. But sometimes I met a problem/question and I can find the answer from the book. As an Engineer assistant, I am working on the Die-Trial/following up/sampling/documenting etc. I was full of pressure when I just joint the company. Independence is very important! Everybody is busy on their job, it is better to try your best and settle it by yourself!”

“There are a couple of new projects. What do you think is the most difficult part during your working?”

“Sometimes we cannot work out the design as desired. We are under big pressure. I think our boss always thinking creatively. He always study new idea and instill it into our mind. Thus Fran’s keeps in high level. I will do more, try more, study more and create my own innovation.”

“Your hometown is in GanSu, you study at ShangDong but working at Fujian. Why you are doing this kind of decision?"

“The geographical remoteness place –GanSu, No good college, no good working environment. All of us hope to go out. The reason why I working in Fujian is because of my elder brother is working at Quanzhou. We can look after each other. I am adapted to the living environments now. The air here is fresh; it is much better than my hometown which sandstorms often. My parents stay at hometown. They owns dozens mu of land planting with oilseed rape/barley/wheat. Since it is faraway home, I go back home only on every CNY! Even when I was study in college, I am working on every summer holiday. I didn’t back home. I was used to work in Foxconn."

“Will make your home in Fujian?”

“Aha, I will certainly make my home here if the job stable. The key point to keep working for the company is the growth of company and me. I don’t like to argue with other people. Different people have their own communication way. Good communication is very important! I am more of an introverted person. I am improving it! In a word, I wish to try more and go beyond myself!”

Afterward】Ma Shuang-Just like his leader said, he is carefulness, earnest, responsible, high compatibility and take initiative on coordinate other work, finish the relative job arranged by supervisor on time! With these traits, we wish this young guy which born on 1989 he will upgrade himself and more wide vision after his trial, study and breakthrough!

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On Nov.13.2013

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