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(2013-12-17)The Star of November, 2013-Wei Xiaodian

Work Attitude -Perfectly Presented

-Interview of Wei Xiaodian, the Star of Nov.2013


Wei Xiaodian

Born in November 1984, in Changle, Fuzhou

Joined SMT on 2nd May, 2013

Served as a project engineer in Technology Department


Interview Record】His technical ability and work attitude have been perfectly presented since he joined Fran for over half a year, he’s got much recognition from many colleagues. He, who is the project engineer of Technology Department, Wei Xiaodian.

When talking about his own advantages, he said “I just work hard and be responsible, not waste time or cheat the leader. If I was quite busy, I would speak out. Currently our company requires the implement of Project Responsibility System, all processes, from mould trial, project confirmation to mass production etc. have to be followed by ourselves, which cause to double workload and frequent work-overtime. Previously, I was only in charge of dome covers, but now, like heteromorphy, LED, Fresnel lens are also included in my job, which concerning more aspects as well as much difficulties, so I should keep study.”

“Surely, dome cover is still our core product. Our marketing status and polish technology have great advantages for it. However, improvement is needed to develop a company. So we should try different new directions, once there’s a right direction, which means it could bring the endless power for company future development. Therefore, I believed that Manager Pan is a comprehensive person who keeps attack, fight and study, this kind of actual combat spirit is an entrepreneur can’t be without.”

“From statistic of 2014 questionnaire survey, Technology Department got the most votes in ‘the most need improvement department’, what do you think about it?” 

“I think it’s normal, coz our Technology Dept. is of too many roles, from products requirement, purchase to production, all these duties are all pushed to us, we have to solve every problem anytime, the more chores we handled the more mistakes would be caused, that is unavoidable.”

“Do you meet any trouble when communicating with other departments, especially with Marketing Department?” 

“Yes, marketing department is for customers, their requirement means customer’s requirement, what they insist on is what customers insist on. Only if we understand it, we can well balance the good and bad, so I don’t think there is too much problems if everyone can communicate all things on time.”

“Now our company carried our performance evaluation, how do you think about it?”

“Performance evaluation is feasible, but just coz all work are processed via system now, there could be some conflict between system and the actual work. For instant, the sales required to submit the drawing by 30th , I think it’s better to change internal finish date to 20th for enough time if there is some revision in after-process, but the final finish date is 25th, even though I reach customer’s request, but the wage was deduced in the performance. Now the new ERP hasn’t been well used, I believe when we can handle it skillfully, our work would be more efficient. “

“Who is your most admire person?”

“Manager Jiang! He acts as en executive to be responsible for the company whole operation, through interaction in many meetings, I think he is strict in carrying out plans as well as with serious working style when handling future trend, that is what we should study.”

“What do you focus on for a company?”

“Actually work is not that much different, but sometimes it seems like there’s endless work when we are busy. The salary, bonus, humanity culture is quite good in Fran, like holiday fees, half-year bonus, end banquet party as well as department dinner. “

“My recent plan is to be available to buy an apartment in Fuzhou! The price is quite high, I face much pressure if only depending on the wage, so I need to earn more income and save the expense. I live in Changle now, it’s not so far if driving to work, but it’s still inconvenient, so I’m going to rent an apartment in Jinshan next year and temporarily live in my wife’s brother’s house. My son is just in prep class, so I should keep feet on the ground and try my best to do my job as well as accumulate resources for good opportunity. Once time available, I hope that I can get in touch with more people to extend interpersonal relationship, which could be helpful for my future.”

Afterword】Wei Xiaodian-As what he said, some matters are not differ from skills but self working attitude. His serious, steady and careful working attitude were perfectly presented in Fran, also well interpreted his beauty.


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On Dec. 17th, 2013


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