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(2013-09-22)The Star of August, 2013-Ni Zhenzhen

To do a full of happiness

-Interview of Ni Zhenzhen, the Star of August, 2013

Ni Zhenzhen

Born in April, 1984, Nanping Fujian

Joined Fran on Feb.21th, 2012

Served as Trading Specialist in the Marketing Department


Interview Record】Ni Zhenzhen-a Trading Specialist who has a tall height, curly but tidy hair, and fashionable dress. It seems that all graceful features only can be reflected from her. 

Talking about the Optics Fair which has finished on August, she says, “This is the first time that our enterprise to participate in the fair, mainly in order to show our company's new products-Ultra-precision products. As the planner of this activity, my main work is to do budget, draw up the attendees, make picture album, send products and so on. It takes a long time for the picture album being finalized. Not only according to the theme of the meeting, but also combined with our products to do different focus.”

“Do you think what the advantages of Ultra-precision in our company are?”

“I think our advantage lies in specificity. We introduce the talents who have the professional experience from Taiwan. But for our enterprise, Ultra-precision is just our new direction. Through the Diamond Cutting optical mold core, it can make the precision of the mold core surface to achieve nano level and expand the scope of the processing (e.g., non-ferrous metals, organic materials, hard steel, etc.). These products can be used in the security industry, night vision, LED lighting, projection, etc. And our business can be expanded. From the Jul.2013, I have started this part work for docking ultra precision mold core processing and offering, I hope to develop more new customers the next.” 

“From your experience of foreign trade, what do you think of your present job?”

“Personally, I think this kind of work is similar. To a new company, first of all, we need to know the products of this company. When I graduated, I also started from the documentary. The job is relatively boring but need careful. So for graduated students, they usually resign due to the weak volition. But for an experienced person, he would like to be a trade salesman. The work for a trade salesman is usually to receive the new order and develop new customers. Of cause, it is very important to communicate by email. For the internal work, it is the docking process of planning, production, quality management and the tracking of outsourcing. I think this work is pretty smooth and has no problem in Fran.” 

“Do you have the pressure for the new sales target in a new year?” 

“Of course. The pressure is definitely. I often feel the pressure when I can’t deliver goods in time. The selling pressure can also exist, but I am accustomed to the pressure. It seems quite difficult at the beginning of the target down. But the hardening of production has increased in this year, the performance would also be doubled. So we can only try our best to be the best, and expand more customers. Then I will be in charge of planning Security Fair, and be responsible for some GS project, such as declaration of exhibition, subsidy of foreign magazines etc. These are all need to take my mind. ”

“You hosted very good for the company party in the end of 2013. Do you have the similar experience before?” 

“I had hosted some programs in the previous company. I had so many interests and hobbies when I was a child, I had studied Chinese calligraphy, drawing and accordion, but only had three minutes of heat. Now I just want to go to sleep after work. I think my advantage lies in my character. I am an out-going girl. But I don’t know if I have a strong ability to learn some new thing. For example, I never learned dancing, however, everyone says I’m OK. I am quite easy to satisfy. Nowadays, Job-hopping frequency is very high for the youth. I am graduated from international economic and trade professional, so my belief is to do foreign trade after graduation. I had done one year of the documentary, and then working 5 years for the previous company. I am a very stable person. If not far away from home, I would not leave the previous company. But since I join the Fran, I am satisfied with the enterprise culture, welfare and treatment. The way of doing things and concepts are approved for me. ”

“You always make us feel very special but being very suitable for you on the dress. Do you have expertise in this field? ” 

“No. Actually, I owe it all to my husband. My husband studied fine arts. He is engaged in exhibition design. He is good at match colors, and being full of enthusiasm about it. So I will give it to him, and I feel pretty good. Anyway, I am a person who is easy to meet. My mentality in work and life is good, so I feel happy naturally. I am quite happy for getting the August star, especially the number is very lucky; I hope my future also like the number ‘8’. ”

Afterword】Ni Zhenzhen—a girl who has a unique charm. She has been insisted on her own foreign trade work, and feel happiness. Hope she always has a content mentality, and living in full of happiness.

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Sep.22nd, 2013


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