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(2013-10-16)The Star of September, 2013-Weng Wenbing

Do It When You Choose

-Interview of Weng Wenbing, the Star of September, 2013


Weng wenbing

Born in November 1988 in Fuzhou City

Joined in Fran on 24th April, 2013.

Served as material handler in warehousing department


Interview Record】Every day you could see a guy prepare all material before production. He is always stick on the first line, you could see his figure in the workshop, elevator. He is diligent, conscientious working, he is our material handle –Weng wenbing.

“It seems like working in warehousing department is pretty tiring that need to physically exhausting. How do you think?”

“Well, so far so good. I am primarily responsible for the material preparation for the production of third floor, maintain the data into ERP system and inventory verification.
Right now the new member Linyong is familiar to the bubble preparation to the production line of hard coating and machining. After division, the workload is much better now. There are air compressor and exhaust fan so it won’t be too hot in summer. At the same time, we have hydraulic fork lift to transport the bubble, so it is not heavy.”

“As I know, your major is computer, so do you have any job related to your major?”

“Yes, I was served to software industry which is not easy as you think. The knowledge is updated so frequency. Personally speaking, I think no matter which position you are, you should take things as they came. I guess that is the main reason why the managers select me as the star of September. In the past 3 years after graduation, I think school is for theory learning while working is for practice. Working on different post could help me learn more which benefit me a lot. And I will decide my personal issues by myself. My family usually won’t interpose my decision. I will help to do some housework at home, so this job won’t be heavy to me.”

“If there is a new choice for you, which department you would like to choose? “

“RD or QC departments, these two departments I think can control technical ability. As to warehouse department, I will consider it as a transition period. When the work is getting stable, I will prepare the exam of “associate constructor” and hope it would be helpful to my future career life. Of course, the future is uncertain, all I want is heading in the direction of what I want and then keep on trying. No matter what kinds of position I am, I will try my best!”

“Have you ever encountered any communication problem at work?”

“Yes, since there are many miscellaneous affairs between warehouse and production department, of course we will have some disagreements like material picking and bill. But most of those issues are happened due to the different positions we are, I will choose to communicate will the group leader to make things monthly!”

“Of course, I heard some warehouse department of other company just need to prepare material and open bill. Sending material to the production line is the job of production department. In my opinion, different company will have different personnel allocation, so that the function won’t be same. In the following introduction of new ERP system, it will request us need to open the bill first and then take material, it request us to keep accurate data internally. At the same time, ERP operation has permission setting, so it means we just responsible for the job scope that belong to us. For a new member of company, I don’t think it will be difficult to learn after taught.“

“How do you evaluate Fran?”

“Everything here for me is fresh, there is a kinds of positive spirit. Colleague will help each other once there is need. At the same time, there is activity fee for each department every quarter. I am the one who love sports like climbing, running, playing basketball and so on. I usually go to Gushan mountain previously, but now I choose running through Jiangbing road since Gushan mountain is a long distance from my present apartment. If there is RMB2000 prize for me, I wish I could have a bicycle so that I can ride it to everywhere I like, that is good choice for me.“

Afterword】Weng wenbing, a guy who is not good at expression but always keeps hard working. He said when I choose it, I will try best to do it. A man should know how to responsible for the current job, then he can get close to his target. That is the process of insistent!

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Oct.16th, 2013

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